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About ChannelLive

ChannelLive is a global provider of Over the Top Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam TV entertainment and a leader in IPTV industry for that segment. ChannelLive uses cutting edge technology to deliver premium quality Next Generation TV experience at the most affordable price. With our quality programming, brilliant user experience and HD Videos, we are sure to make you fall in love with what you watch.

Our highest quality videos, consisting of regional movies, serials, events and other programs, are transmitted on the mobility portfolio of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire, Smart TV, Chromecast and many more. ChannelLive customer-first approach differentiates itself from other Indian OTT TV service providers. We take pride in exemplary TV watching experience while eliminating video plagues such as AV Synchronization issues, artifact-ing, and long buffer times. We provide high-resolution videos with world-class quality control. We strive by the thought that great power comes with great responsibility and our video streaming will speak for itself. Log on to ChannelLive today and subscribe to the most amazing television experience ever!

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